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WiMobilis Digital Technologies offers in house developed solutions, listed below:



Complete System for Digital TV Broadcasting ,100% compliant with the ISDB-Tb. Integrates everything you need in one solution:

Ideal for broadcasting application, employs high performance processors and high quality components, triple redundant power supply and solid state drivers that ensures high MTBF.

This solution counts with excellent support offered by WiMobilis to our customers, with attendance time extremelly reduced.

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The WM-Encoder is an audio and video encoder of very high quality, totally compliant with ISDB-Tb standards.

It was designed with the best engineering practices, resulting in the best cost/benefit of the market, it presents the best objective and subjective qualities of audio and video, delivering to the viewer the full quality of the ISDB-Tb television.

Main features:

The WM-Encoder can also be used in conjunction with WM-PlayTV and the WM-ContentServer, allowing a complete solution for ISDB-Tb digital television at a low cost for broadcasters, repeaters, laboratories etc.

This product reinforces the commitment of WiMobilis with the viability of the ISDB-Tb, promoting excellent opportunities for small cities at prices compatible with the Brazilian reality and an unbeatable quality of service.

In product quality and service quality, think WiMobilis.

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Complete and low cost equipment for generation and transmission of digital TV signal, fully compliant with Brazilian System of Digital TV (SBTVD) standards. It enables the creation and editing of digital TV signals, comprising the following features:

The product is available in 19-inch rack mechanic packaging, sturdy and ideal for a variety of environments, including factories and laboratories. It is also possible to purchase only the software modules that meets the client needs.

It fully meets different market segments requirements:

Broadcasters: WM-PlayTV is a low cost alternative for transmission headend applications: audio, video and data signals multiplexing into ISDB-T transport stream. System configuration and operation is possible via local terminal or via the Internet over TCP/IP. Editing of all tables and their descriptors / parameters is allowed by a customizable and easy to use graphical interface. It is compliant to all combinations provided by SBTVD standards.

Receivers and STB Manufacturers: WM-PlayTV allows products tests, verifying adherence to SBTVD standards through pre-configured scripts, as well as through new scripts created by the user as needed. Test suites can be transmitted by cable or by air in factory environment, where the technical characteristics of equipment can be tested comprehensively by receivers and set-top box manufacturers.

Laboratories for compliance and certification tests: WM-PlayTV is prepared to run the complete Middleware Ginga test sequences in automated or manual mode, and additional scripts can be created easy and quickly to perform customized test sequences of your own.

Schools and Universities: WM-PlayTV video server allows you to store various digital programs that can be supplied on demand in closed circuit TV or digital IP networks. Convergence of digital TV to your computer opens a new horizon in the area of education.

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WM-EPG, software targeted to Digital TV receivers, which allows the management of settings and media. Embedded application, with a high degree of customization and portability, allowing its rapid adoption by different hardware set-top box. Among other features are the EPG, setup menu and zapper channels.

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