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WiMobilis Digital Technologies is a Brazilian company with experience and expertise on software and hardware development. We are highly skilled and specialized in Digital TV and Wireless Communications systems.

WiMobilis is strategically located in Campinas, home of very important R&D centers in Brazil, such as Unicamp, CPqD, Samsung, Motorola, Instituto Eldorado, Tropico and AsGa among others, that greatly contributes to the success of the company, through partnerships and highly qualified human resources availability.

WiMobilis employees are very qualified computing and electrical engineers, some of them working on their master or PhD at Unicamp. The environment created at WiMobilis allows these professionals to continue to work on their thesis in various areas of electronics, information technology and communication.

WiMobilis provides to its customers innovative products and solutions developed and released with extreme agility to attend their needs.

Our mission is to provide to the market and society what best fits their needs with complete knowledge on technologies involved, always seeking perfection in the results.


WM-PlayTV is a complete product for ISDB-T signal generation. Read more.

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NEW - Complete System for Digital TV Broadcasting, 100% compliant with the ISDB-Tb. Read More.


Audio and video encoder 100% compliant with the ISDB-Tb. Read More.